The 80s, Couch Snuggles and a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Before my family grew from four to nine, my kids and I used to regularly watch movies and play board games by candlelight together wholesome style.  Yes, often the board games happened after yet another power outtage occurred (or I just pretended one happened by secretly turning off the power at the meter box) but I loved it, and so did they.

Now our house is super busy, yet somehow I still manage to enlist a few kidlets at a time to play a boardgame or watch a retro 80s movie with me.  I’m sooooo addicted to the likes of the Dark Crystal, the Labyrinth, the Princess Bride and the Never Ending Story.  My kids not so much.  I guess the special effects haven’t stood the test of time.  But, my amazing non husband husband gets it – he is actually going to make me a Falkor.  Now that’s love right there.

So last weekend, I nabbed our three youngest for a cozy, lazy Sunday afternoon viewing of Ready Player One.  Couch, snuggly blanket, soft pillows and a movie … bliss.


Lazy Sunday

At risk of sounding overly excited, Ready Player One is one of the best kids movies I have seen in a super long time.  I laughed along with all of the 80s jokes and references and loved the cheeseball links to 80s boy-likes-girl, boy-goes-on-crazy-adventure-with-girl, boy-eventually-shyly-pashes-girl types movie. So good.  I love children’s movies but there has been a real lacking in decent films that excite and engage the way movies did in the days of old.  This one had my three youngest, aged 13 to 8, put their ipads and iphones down and actually watch it, right until the end.  No one checked their snapchat or instagram at all once it began.  In this day and age, that is saying something.

Lazy Sunday’s…best.

My bliss bubble is full.

How do you fill your bliss bubble on your downtime?


Ps. Yes, those toys and figures in the background are my non husband husband’s and mine (although I have to say they are mostly his) and make up probably 1/3 of our collection which has now spread into our bedroom…Neca, McFarlane, Mezco, Hot Toys – sponsorship anyone?



iPhones out before the movie…forgotten during the movie

4 thoughts on “The 80s, Couch Snuggles and a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

    1. I love the old 80s movies. I’m going to introduce my monkeys to the dark crystal this weekend. My absolute favourite!!!

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