Toxic Masculinity? Reverse Your Pronoun!

While scrolling on social media last week, I came across an eye-opening post which showed the female empowerment sayings but with the male/female pronouns reversed.

When you read it, it is quite mindblowing and terrifying.  Have a read…


Hits you hard, doesn’t it.

Just have a think about this for a moment.

In reading these, we can see how much pressure we put on men to keep women happy.  It’s not simply be a good person; it’s fix all of my problems but don’t you dare assume you can fix them or I even want you to, be perfect but don’t expect me to be, don’t be sensitive but don’t be too strong because that’s tantamount to abusive, don’t be feminine but for God’s sake, don’t be masculine because that’s toxic as fuck..and if you do anything other than this, you’re expendable.

Why do women think it is now perfectly reasonable to claim masculinity is toxic when these type of female empowerment sentiments are rife.  Toxic masculinity my ass.  I wouldn’t be a man for anything.

Source of Featured Image: A Call To Men

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6 thoughts on “Toxic Masculinity? Reverse Your Pronoun!

  1. It is a tough world for many of us. Some men are beginning to be defensive and confused that I can see. We are now in our late 60s and my husband was admonished by two women, when he stepped back from a lift and said “ladies first”. “We are not ladies” they said. What the? Anyway, respect of and for each other would be a good start.

    Thanks for making it here to link up too!

    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek. Next week’s optional prompt is My Hairstyle History. Denyse

    1. Oh that’s sad, Denyse. I love it when men hold doors open for me or anyone. I teach my three boys and in fact, all seven of my kids, to do these things. The world is a confusing place now.

      Happy to link up! I will be def doing the haorstyle history one bc my god, I’ve had some doozies lol

  2. Fabulous article. I agree with your points. There is a definite point about masculine vs feminine to be made here. Boys toys/girls toys? I don’t know – is that still an issue? Who cares what children play with.
    Looking forward to reading more.

  3. Really, really good article. Thought provoking.

    Most people I know are scared to even talk about this issue with their friends. Women have a lot to answer for these days. I wouldn’t want to be a man in 2018.

    1. Thanks Simona. It’s a very contentious topic. Certainly the fact that people are shot down the minute they question females in anything these days doesn’t lend itself to an open and free society, does it?

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