What are your Best Five for the week?

Every day for the past few years I have sent three gratitudes to my non husband husband.  They can be as simple as It’s Friday, or cups of earl grey tea or getting to sleep in.  I have found that being grateful gets me out of grotty headspaces and return my state of mind to a (mostly) serene place.  With seven kids, the serenity lasts for all of thirty seconds but those thirty seconds are blissful.

I am a fiend for ritual, tradition and routine and so, I am starting one to celebrate the rebirth of my blogging self.  I’ve let go of the old Angelica Minx days and said hello to the simple life of a Mama Kat Plus 8.  Oxymoronic really.

So, I welcome you to #BestFive.  Each weekend, or whenever I get the time during the week really, I will post my best five gratitudes for the week.  So here goes…

  1. Getting a truckload of uni work done this week and having a non husband husband support me doing so
  2. Spending quality time with one of my kids – something that I rarely get to do one on one with so many of them running around
  3. Coming to terms with the fact that my recent diagnosis of a pituitary microadenoma is not going to be the end of me and that I am, in fact, as strong and powerful as I believed I was.
  4. Having the most amazing girly friends (looking at you Miss Allison) who are beyond supportive, hilarious and who join you in your ridiculous ‘my eyes are just watering’ outbursts when you see each other for the first time in two years.
  5. 5htp supplements – oh my gosh.  Best ever. Thank you serotonin. I love you


Being grateful is a wonderful place to start your day.  It sounds like lame hippie rhetoric but actually, it is a beautiful way to reframe a crap mood.

What are your best five for the week?

6 thoughts on “What are your Best Five for the week?

  1. yay. look at this. It’s a beautiful brand new blog. love it.

    working on my own grateful post too. thought I might do one every month – mainly to keep grateful right in the front of my easily distracted brain.

    1. Yay Cathy! Join my #bestfive linky which I’ll do each week! Also I’m adding a blog roll this week so I’ll pop yours on. I look forward to reading yours too xo

  2. Thank you my beautiful friend, it is always interesting when we catch up, I can’t imagine not having you there whether near or far or lots or some.

    1. Big love, soul sister xox See you in our next meditation and sooner rather than later for another magical three hour long lunch

  3. That’s such a good question – I’m grateful for a lot of things, but I should definitely try and define them!

    off to google pituitary microadenoma, which I’ve never heard of before! Glad you’re feeling ok though.

    1. Thanks lovely. Finding three specific gratitudes each morning has really showed me what matters to me, how I can easily switch up my mood from a blergh one. xo

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